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Incoming Students

Degree Programmes

Degree programmes offered at the Department of Agriculture

There are four three-year graduate Bachelor level program


There are four two-year Master level programmes:

Furthermore, there is a Doctorate school in Agricultural Sciences

Course Units

Course unit list

Please consult the course unit list and include course codes in your Learning Agreement.
Course unit list for academic year 2021-22 (English version)

Please note that you may choose course units from different degree programmes or from different years of study, there may be timetable conflicts and at our department attendance is mandatory. This means that if you do not attend between 50%-80% of  the lectures (depending on the specific rules of the degree courses) you will not be admitted to the exams.

Course unit contents
Details of the course units can be found using a dedicated search tool on the Self Studenti Uniss website.
Please use the links top left to change language (Italian/English).

Search teaching activities



Language of Instruction

Subjects are offered in Italian, we recommend a B1 level of knowledge of the Italian or the English language. A large majority of lecturers will offer assistance and materials in English/Spanish, but maybe not all.
Exams are in Italian, but some Professors may allow students to take the exam in English/Spanish. It is at the teacher's discretion.

Lesson timetable

The lesson timetable is available on our web pages:

Interactive lesson timetable

The interactive timetable is available at the following link or via the Uniss. Orario App:

Uniss.Orario Smartphone App

Uniss.Orario is the official application of the lesson timetable of the University of Sassari.

Academic Calendar

Lessons normally run from the beginning of October to the end of December/January and from the beginning of March to the end of May, with exam sessions in February (whole month), June-July (whole months) and September (whole month).

Please consult the academic calendar for more information.

Exam timetable

The exam timetable is available on the Self Studenti Uniss website. Exam sessions are held in February (whole month), July (whole month) and September (whole month).

Exam timetable search (Ricerca Appelli):
Please use the links top left to change langage (Italian/English)

Select our Department from the list:
[D8] Agricultural sciences (DIP)

You can find exam dates by degree programme (Corso di studio), Teaching activity (Attività didattica), or by Professor (Docente).

The Exam search result will list the course unit name (Attività didattica), the dates that exam booking will be available on the self-student website (Periodo iscrizioni), the date and time of the exam, the exam type (oral/written), the name of the professor, the number of students who have booked the exam.

Please note that exam booking is only available for a limited time (two weeks) and closes a few days before the exam so please check the exam booking window well in advance of the exam.

It is not possible to take exams outside of the fixed exam date.

Exam registration

At the University of Sassari we have an online procedure for exam registration from the student database, Self Studenti Uniss.

Online exam registration (verbalizzazione online) is available for all full course units/subjects within the Syllabus of degree programmes offered at the University of Sassari.

Some courses are divided in modules but single modules cannot be registered online. Students taking individual modules, elective credits, summer schools, Italian as a foreign language courses etc. should register these exams individually on the paper exam registration form provided on request.

For issues related to exam registration please contact Marco Scanu.

ECTS grade distribution

ECTS grade distribution by degree programme

Erasmus Tutor - Student Buddy

Every year, through dedicated funds, the University offers the Departments the possibility of activating a Student Buddy Programme, an Erasmus helpdesk that deals with tutoring, orientation, monitoring and assistance to both incoming and outgoing students in international mobility.

These tutoring activities are integrated with services already provided by the Department's International Relations Office and are aimed at strengthening the services for international student mobility (outgoing and incoming) provided in the framework of the Erasmus+ and Ulisse programmes each academic year.

The Department of Agriculture offers through this program an Erasmus desk for support in the following matters:

  • logistics
  • teaching organisation, regulations and lesson timetable
  • exam procedures (exam timetable, exam booking and exam registration)
  • teachers contacts details
  • assistance for documentation relating to accommodation and administrative procedures
  • drafting of residence permit for non-EU students


Uniss student email account @studenti.uniss.it

On enrollment at uniss, a student email account @studenti.uniss.it is generated automatically (it is a gmail uniss student account).
The username and password for the student email account are the same as for the access to the Self Studenti portal (usernameselfstudenti@studenti.uniss.it, password selfstudenti)

If you have problems accessing your Gmail student account, you will have to login to the Self Studenti uniss and change the password (please note: it is not sufficient to ask for “recupero password” but you need to access your Self studenti and change the password). After 30 minutes approximately it will be possible to access Gmail.
For technical problems you can telephone 079 229852 or email: assistenza@uniss.it

Microsoft Teams

Download the Mircosoft Teams App or go to the website www.office.com/student and log in using the "Login" button
username: your institutional e-mail address xxxxx@studenti.uniss.it
password: the password used to access Self Studenti.

(N.B. If you have problems logging in with these credentials, please access the Self Student and change your password, wait 30-60 mins and try again). In some cases, the alignment of credentials is not automatic, in which case support is provided by Maria Spada (email: mariaspada@uniss.it).

Once you access Teams and you can enroll in the online course of your interest or in the Team, following one of the following methods:
1. Registration through a unique code if users of the uniss organization
2. Registration as "guest" by invitation of the teacher if external users to the uniss organization

Please consult the uniss guide for Teams

Further information abut elearing is available at the following link:

Uniss Smartphone Apps

MyUniss Smartphone App

The University of Sassari has created an official app available Google Play Store and Apple store that allows you to manage your university career and have all the information on educational activities directly from your mobile device.

With MyUniss the student has at his/her disposal a Mobile Student Secretariat, available 24/7, with which it is possible (after authentication with your personal access credentials of the "Self Uniss Students") in particular:
- Consult your university career, with the booklet and all the lessons, the credits, the available exam sessions;
- Consult and register for exam sessions for the courses in your plan, with an indication of the opening / closing dates and the reference session;
- Receive official university messages;
- Complete the questionnaires of the teaching activities.

Uniss.Orario Smartphone App

Uniss.Orario is the official application of the lesson timetable of the University of Sassari.
With Uniss.Orario you can have on your device:
- Configuration of the degree course, year and educational path.
- Display of lesson times both for the week and for the entire educational cycle.
- Detailed description of the lessons with references to the teachers.
- Classroom availability in real time.

Italian Language courses

Italian Language courses are provided for Incoming Students. These include intensive courses in September-October and in February at the beginng of the semesters, and regular courses in the first and second semesters.

More information about Italian Language courses is available here:

Guide for Incoming students

The guide provides a comprehensive description of the facilities and the services available at the University of Sassari and also some information about the city and Sardinia, in general.

Consult the guide for incoming students at the University of Sassari: