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Università degli Studi di Sassari

ERASMUS+ Capacity Building: MACCARD (2020-2023)





Programma di ricerca Erasmus+ Capacity Building​: MACCARD Master in Climate Change, Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Development, 15/01/2020 – 15/01/2023


Area geografica di intervento: Ecuador e Perù.


The Project Master in Climate Change, Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Development”-MACCARD aims at improving the higher education training offer on urgent issues common to two Latin American neighboring countries, Ecuador and Peru, by implementing an interuniversity Master in Climate Change, Agriculture and Rural Sustainable Development in the Universities of Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza (UNTRM) and National University of Jaen (UNJ) in Peru, the Regional University of Amazon (IKIAM) and University of Azuay (UAZUAY) in Ecuador, while enhancing the quality of teaching and contributing to strengthen cross border cooperation between Ecuador and Peru HEIs and between them and EU Programme countries.


Coordinatore del progetto: Prof. Luciano Gutierrez e-mail: lgutierres@uniss.it

Responsabile scientifico per il Dipartimento di Agraria: Prof. Luciano Gutierrez e-mail: lgutierres@uniss.it

Componenti dell’unità di ricerca: Luciano Gutierrez (PO), Carlo Sanna (project manager) Nicola Nieddu (financial manager).

Enti Partner: Università Toribio Rodriguez (Perù), Università di Jaen (Perù) Università IKIAM (Ecuador) Università di Azuay (Ecuador) Università di Granada (Spagna).

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